05 October, 2009

Family time in Houston Town

So we got on a plane and flew to Texas!

It was a short trip to see Daddy and the family. There was lots of singing and playing 'I Spy', as well as competitions that only Alice could win. Justin had a hard time letting go of that.

off we went to dinner...
even 3 year olds have dogs in their handbags
walking with davey
cheers goiyz!
'do you want any? er no thanks, not in my current state. they look delicious though. (puke)'
oi oi! who's this cute fella? (beads courtesy of alice)

We headed over to Kemah down on the Galveston coast for the day. There are rides, restaurants and millions of mosquitos! Oh did they have a party with my flesh. I'm just glad they saw ME as special.

alice has a couple babies that came with us. today they were in the buggy but sometimes they're in her tummy. she doesn't always know how they get in there.

here's alice on the high speed getaway train! actually it wasn't really high speed OR a getaway train, but there were bandits that tried to take charge and kidnap everyone.

the babes

lunchtime with davey

time for more explorations...way up high!
this cute fella again!pirates?!
this was on the plane home. both boys were very uncooperative models! i had to fire them instantly.