25 April, 2009

My little ear lobe

I've been having trouble with my right ear lobe - whenever I wear earrings it bleeds continually and then scabs over, swells and is quite painful. I had a biopsy done and they said a foreign object was residing in there. What with a whole bunch of scar tissue, it made for one big ear lobe party.

This is what my ear lobe looked like about one week ago with foreign object and scar tissue embedded.

Kinda pink, kinda chunky - definitely not your average looking lobe.

I will admit there has been some repenting of serial ear-lobe envy.

The surgeon's assistant asked how I would like my bandage shaped and obviously I requested a Yoda ear.

Oooh lovely.

Frankenstein Returns?!

Cleaning daily with hydrogen peroxide and then slathering up with Vaseline.

The bathroom counter is looking particularly busy. Rush hour traffic.

Don't laugh.

It took me ages.

And ages.

I get the stitches out on Monday. Maybe people will stop pointing and staring as well as hiding their small children from me?!

Just kidding. That hasn't been happening.


11 April, 2009

Reunions, Starbucks & 'Brilliant'!

My lovely friend Ami moved to Atlanta, December of last year. We knew each other in them there olden days when we both lived in Eastbourne. When I left England to move here I didn't really think I'd ever see her again.

Well life happened and Ami went to Australia (y'know, how you do) met her love and got married. Ami & Steve moved to Atlanta, chosen for its somewhat central location - a direct flight to England and a short drive to North Carolina where Steve's family live.

*grace takes needed deep breath from short history catch-up*

So, when Ames moved here it was the most amazing thing. Especially as we thought we'd never see each other again. (We obviously had forgotten about plane travel and video calling).

Then to make it even more exciting, her parents came to visit! We rendezvous'd at Starbucks mid way between our houses for an hour of joy and giggles.

This post is to document our reunion.

A Mother-in-Law/Son-in-Law moment
(Jilly was very excited about the photos she was taking without wearing glasses. They were 'brilliant'!)

Ames, me & Mum Jilly

Pensive Dad McLachlan

This picture may look completely pointless but it's not. I wanted to show you that Starbucks has a mini library. Isn't that cool? And there's no fee, you just replace what you take with another book. And when I say 'take' I mean the 'take-to-your-house-and-keep-forever' kind of 'take'. Yes, believe it.
It's called the Starbucks Exchange.

Here we all are! It was so wonderful to reconnect with these lovely people. Ooh and if it works out we'll be able to stay with Jilly & Ian on our leg to England. YAY!

Sending love to Ian, Jilly, Ames & Stevie!

3106 Woodland Lane

We finally got it together! Our home is up for sale. :-D

Do I have any takers?!

(I just realized we don't have any pictures of the outside...where's the darn 'pictures-needed-for-selling-your-house-video' checklist?!)

10 April, 2009

Magic with Magic Erasers

A lady at my work revealed a very interesting bathroom tip.

It had to do with Magic Erasers.

And...nothing else.

I questioned her morality, but she didn't faulter.

I asked if she was being paid by the Magic Eraser man on the box. She said 'No'.

I just couldn't figure a way she would be backing a Magic Eraser as one of the greatest bathroom cleaning tools in the history of bathroom cleaning tools.

Unless of course extortion & conspiracy were involved.

Don't tell my co-worker this but I tried out her ludicrous claim. With, I might add, great restraint morally, politically, emotionally, religiously...

And?! It was magic!

My eyes were enlightened, my heart skipped beats.

I had love-hearts for eyeballs.

The scum was...wait for it...MAGICALLY ERASED!

There wasn't a cleaner out there that could get this junk off. Bleach would be the only option but not really as it's no longer a word in my eco-friendly vocabularly (I had to whisper it just now).

I used it on the tiles and sinks too with great success!

I didn't believe, I didn't know it was possible to clean green like this.

I want to thank Mr. Clean for being so tan and wearing such whitey-whites.

(By the way sir, have you been using Magic Erasers on your baldy head? You do have quite a 'glow'.)

I dare you to try out these magical white blocks for yourselves. Prepare to fall head-over-heels.


The girl who NOW loves to clean bathrooms, for now and evermore...Amen.