10 April, 2009

Magic with Magic Erasers

A lady at my work revealed a very interesting bathroom tip.

It had to do with Magic Erasers.

And...nothing else.

I questioned her morality, but she didn't faulter.

I asked if she was being paid by the Magic Eraser man on the box. She said 'No'.

I just couldn't figure a way she would be backing a Magic Eraser as one of the greatest bathroom cleaning tools in the history of bathroom cleaning tools.

Unless of course extortion & conspiracy were involved.

Don't tell my co-worker this but I tried out her ludicrous claim. With, I might add, great restraint morally, politically, emotionally, religiously...

And?! It was magic!

My eyes were enlightened, my heart skipped beats.

I had love-hearts for eyeballs.

The scum was...wait for it...MAGICALLY ERASED!

There wasn't a cleaner out there that could get this junk off. Bleach would be the only option but not really as it's no longer a word in my eco-friendly vocabularly (I had to whisper it just now).

I used it on the tiles and sinks too with great success!

I didn't believe, I didn't know it was possible to clean green like this.

I want to thank Mr. Clean for being so tan and wearing such whitey-whites.

(By the way sir, have you been using Magic Erasers on your baldy head? You do have quite a 'glow'.)

I dare you to try out these magical white blocks for yourselves. Prepare to fall head-over-heels.


The girl who NOW loves to clean bathrooms, for now and evermore...Amen.

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