31 March, 2009

Castles, Pizza & Silly Faces in North Carolina

The J-man & I just got back from visiting some of the loveliest people you'll ever meet. They reside outside of Charlotte North Carolina in a small town called Concord in case you were wondering where lovely people live. I knew Cristina (pregnant lady in middle of picture below) in Pensacola during my school days. Talk about laughing till your face falls off! Oh my. Did we ever.

Here we all are in Jon & Cristina's living room. Let me introduce you:
We have lovely Aletha & her husband, my Jordie-English mate Simon. Jordie means you're from Newcastle (pronounced Noo-cassell if you're Jordie). Cristina (prego with third child, a little boy) & her husband Jon (brown-sugar-with-butter-on-toast extraordinaire)

Simon & I share the red-head gene. Did you know it's recessive?

Meet Ms. Chloe. She's three.

We decided to pull faces the best way we knew how.

Check out the skillz

Tongue face

Tilted-head with tongue-face and itchy eyebrow action shot

Pixie face

The J-man and I in front of the Enchanted Castle.
Taken by 3-year old Chloe.
By far the best photo taken so far. That's ok, I can take being beat by a three year old. No really, I CAN.

This is Baby Mia
Soooo, you got me.
Wispy baby hair, pinchable cheeks...
Big brown eyes & pizza on the face?
Ohhh, you've got me so good
Great. Now come the cute dimples
The torture

Ok, that's it. Put a fork in me. I'm done.
The cuteness is too much
By the way, baby Mia is the best head banger out there. Especially when riding in the car. Something about sitting down and being strapped in really helps the technique. She's only 15 months old. A natural for sure.
It was such a fun weekend seeing all these people! It really felt like no time had passed, yet somehow Cristina has two babies and one on the way. I think she's secretly an optical illusionist. Makes sense.
Of course we HAVE to visit again so I can return purple bunny to Ms. Chloe (more to follow on him in the next post).
Thanks to Cristina & Jon for showing us such wonderful hospitality! We love you guys.

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