10 March, 2009


So the day came, oh so quickly! I went for my interview and exam yesterday afternoon. When I completed both and passed, the interviewer asked if I was available today for the official swearing in ceremony. I paused, took a moment and said 'yes I think I am!' Typically I would have had to wait at least two months to receive a time & date of the ceremony.

waiting, waiting!

the sign says we're in the right place

sitting next to chin liu lee, who is styling the beginnings of a neatly manicured asian flat-top

the officialness was almost too much

these folks were overtaken with excitement

I would like to take a moment to apologize for my white-pasty-opaque-ness, you see it was 80 degrees today which gave me no time to prepare for a dress, not even time for spray-on tan.

we were all shocked (and in absolute awe) that they actually played a video to the sound of Lee Greenwood's song 'I'm proud to be an Americannnn', it was hilarious!


So it's done! I'm official! 4.5 years' worth of forms, fees and waiting. What a huge blessing. :-)


  1. oh love the USA pictures!! haha so awesome! like ymca only suited for the occasion! i think your enthusiasm more than compensates for the people who thought it was nap time! congratulations again grace!! xoxo

  2. Haha! Yes it was fun! I had an excuse to be a dork! Justin with his cleverness put together the .jif file along with the US picture. Too funny. Oh yes, I'm enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. But really when do you become a citizen of a country?! I had to go all out. No-one could stop me. :-)