25 April, 2009

My little ear lobe

I've been having trouble with my right ear lobe - whenever I wear earrings it bleeds continually and then scabs over, swells and is quite painful. I had a biopsy done and they said a foreign object was residing in there. What with a whole bunch of scar tissue, it made for one big ear lobe party.

This is what my ear lobe looked like about one week ago with foreign object and scar tissue embedded.

Kinda pink, kinda chunky - definitely not your average looking lobe.

I will admit there has been some repenting of serial ear-lobe envy.

The surgeon's assistant asked how I would like my bandage shaped and obviously I requested a Yoda ear.

Oooh lovely.

Frankenstein Returns?!

Cleaning daily with hydrogen peroxide and then slathering up with Vaseline.

The bathroom counter is looking particularly busy. Rush hour traffic.

Don't laugh.

It took me ages.

And ages.

I get the stitches out on Monday. Maybe people will stop pointing and staring as well as hiding their small children from me?!

Just kidding. That hasn't been happening.


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