21 June, 2009

Weekend with Pammy

Our old friend Pam came to visit us last weekend. She lives in Apollo Beach Florida and is a 5th grade school teacher. She's the best! She's from our ah-hem ...cult church in Pensacola. She has such a sharp wit that when we're together it's one never ending sarcastic joke. Justin is like her younger brother so when they're together all these pop culture references come up and I'm always stumped. Stumped like I just stand there all cylindrical looking.

We went to the Vortex for a late lunch. The Vortex is a bar/restaurant filled with all kinds of random memorabilia. It's in Midtown Atlanta and is where we take people who've never been to the ATL. Some pretty tasty fried zucchini!

Once we'd finished lunch and our pouting photo shoot we headed over to the Burn n' Brew at Annie & Brenton's place. These Burn n' Brews started as men only where the gents gather to cook meat and burn things. Anything can be burnt! I guess it's somewhat therapeutic in a manly way. Girls were allowed to this one so along with the meat came an ICE CREAM bar filled with glorious goodies like gummy bears, reese's pieces, oreos, butterfingers etc... Balance came to the universe once more.

This is Brenton showcasing his new, home brewed beer. Pretty tasty stuff! It's the Double Wanda IPA - made with a whole lotta love.

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