21 June, 2009

Palm Trees, Hugs & Road-Trips!

On Friday I flew down to Orlando to spend the day with my lovely Mum! She picked me up from the airport and we went to the shops and generally just enjoyed being together. Eating at The Colombian in Celebration was delicious along with our walk round the lake. Oh and not forgetting drinks at Starbucks. It's just what you do down there. Davey finished up school, packed his truck up and headed over to spend the night at Mum's as well. It was a fun little family reunion!

Mum & I having a squeeze

...or two (got to get as many in as possible!)

Dave's a bit sleepy (6 weeks of summer school under his belt), but a great hugger!

ah-hem, dave's truck. PACKED!

the truck bed also!

the singing, happy, truck driver

he wouldn't let me switch! drove the whole way.

the 7th hour of driving and going a little cross-eyed & crazy.

but we made it.

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