02 July, 2009

My Birfday!

I am now 26.

Over that hill and on my way to that place called '30'.


To celebrate I violently took the weekend and made it all mine!

To start, we went to Matilda's in downtown Alpharetta. It's an art gallery where every Friday night they have live music. This week was bluegrass! It was so great! They had a upright bassist, mandolin, banjo, guitar & violinist. They all squeezed round one mic and harmonized. We went with Debbie, Danny & Jim from my old job in Roswell.

Oh and not forgetting our mate Clevenger who joined us for the evening (Kimmy was visiting family in Chicago)

For the last song they moved out into the crowd for some jigging and jiving!

Saturday afternoon saw Davey, Justin & myself in the theatre to watch Transformers!

We LOVE movies!

Then, folks, oh my...the following pictures might stir some emotion (some tasty food). We went to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion for my birthday dinner from Daddy (he's currently in Australia working a project)

During the course of the evening I experienced different levels of emotion.

Original Hawaiian Martini - GLUG

Shrimp Lumpia - HMMMM, YUM

Justin's Filet - MELT IN YO MOUF

My Pecan Crusted Trout - SPEECHLESS


*grace started questioning who she was, her name, where she was, what was she doing etc*

This is Molten Chocolate Souffle. I don't know how to say this without coming across a bit strong:

Dave and I, the chocolate lovers, were wondering how we were to go on with our lives having just experienced something so DELECTABLE. I mean Roy, come on, you just can't do that!

Here's my lovely Macadamia Nut Pie. TOISTY.

After this we rolled on out of Roy's and made our way home.

Chocolate covered twinkie time!

After lunch at West Egg on Sunday, Annie & Brenton took us over to Atlantic Station for my birthday treat.

Yep, they've done it. Made the most rich, sickly sweet dessert in history.

One bite is all it takes.

Then, Sunday night, the girls and I went out to the Clay Cafe in downtown Roswell. We painted and chatted for a few hours - it was the greatest!

All in all, probably one of the best birthday weekends the world has ever seen. It could only have been improved if my Mumma could have been there!

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