25 July, 2009

Chai Tea Latte

So I really quite enjoy lattes.

Chocolate is divine, English penny sweets are delicious & salt n' vinegar crisps make my mouth water.

But, hot drinks are my weakness!

On the Samovar website they had a step by step on how to make homemade lattes.

Right up my street! Tea-street that is.

So today I'm going to make my own and try this out. It seems really quite easy as there are only a few simple steps.

First off, I chose my tea. You can use tea bags as I am, or loose tea. I went with tea bags so I didn't have the extra step of straining out the leaves.

Then I combined equal parts of water & milk. If you're going to make a 16 oz latte then you want half that to be liquid. When you blend ice with the mixture it will end up being 16 oz. Therefore, you'll need 4 oz water & 4 oz milk.

Also, feel free to use whatever kind of milk you like. I chose regular milk as these lattes will also be partaken by my husband who would instantly sniff out Almond Milk if I used it.
I mean the thought of using Almond Milk! How dare I.

I decided to make a big batch to last the weekend, so went all out with 16 oz of each. I know! Wild & crazy up in this here kitchen.

So next I combined the liquid and brought to a boil in a saucepan. Then I added the tea bags to stew for about 5 mins. Stewing times may vary depending on your personal preference of tea strength. (Did you know that some really strong teas offer bodyguard protection?)

Then I added the sweetener (which can also be done before you add the tea).

My personal sweetener of choice is Stevia.

Where's waldo!

When I felt happy about the strength of my tea, sweetness levels etc I whipped out my little frother and went to town!

So I stopped there as I fancied a hot latte. But at this point you could pour over ice or blend with ice to make a frap!

So go save yourself $4 and make some of this stuff right this second!

I demand it.

If you want to check out the original article please follow this link


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