28 July, 2009

True Jeans dot com

So I'm a curvy girl with a little bit of pa-dunk-a-dunk going on in the back there (or maybe it's pa-donk-a-dink for you?) and I find jeans really quite unflattering. I'm either left with a unibum or muffin top, neither of which are particularly delightful.

Also, my wishes, dreams and manipulating prayers for the transference of large bum mass up to small boob area haven't worked either. You'd think that would be an easy fix really, I mean it's seems like quite a simple procedure!

Today I stumbled upon http://www.truejeans.com/ to look at some Little in the Middle jeans (LiM). Well already I was excited about LiM jeans as they describe themselves as being created for

'women with small waists and curvy hips. These jeans are a natural fit for pear and hourglass figures who desire form, fit and fashion. No more gapping at the waist!'

YIPPPPPEEEEEE! I have never found a pair of jeans specifically for white females with the small waist & wide, large, baby-birthing hips combo before.

So that was an exciting moment.

THEN - get this peoples - I realise the website I'm on (http://www.truejeans.com/) has a mantra of finding your 'true fit'.
'Buy Jeans that Fit'?! Not a concept I am used to.

I measured myself with their PRINTABLE measuring tape (yes I said printable!) and plugged in my info. So far they have paired me up with several $150.00 jeans. So now we know the truth - it hurts the chequebook to be beautiful. As soon as signing up they sent me a 10% off coupon code to use within one week. I guess that's something!

At least I know which styles to look for on clearance now! Thanks True Jeans!

Anyway, if you're someone who has a bit of trouble finding jeans that flatter, try this place out - it could be life changing!

Love Gracielicious

P.S. For all you males out there - don't feel left out! They want to help you find your perfect fit too.

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