05 August, 2009

Night out with Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is my brother's hero. He has loved him for about 8 years now - loved his music, lyrics, even his crazy voice! He's hardcore about Bobby D. When it was announced that The Bob Dylan Show would be here in Alpharetta, Cowboy Dave flipped out. He was in Orlando at the time and was miffed as to why he hadn't been informed! Why hadn't they called to tell him?! Wude.

Here is some documentation of the night (historic night cowboy dave might say).

pleased to see some recycling receptacles!

filling up nicely. we were front row!...of the lawn.

debbie & danny, the funky hipsters

look at our positioning - we could throw our rubbish from our seats! Can't beat that.

willie nelson! he played first as his bedtime is 8:30pm.

jim, joan & their very awesome binoculars arrived just in time.

joan has some super cute feet! mine are like giant flat feet.
so i don't feel insecure here is my foot compared to cowboy dave's. hmmm, my angle makes them look the same size! I did not mean for this to happen! Mine are at least two sizes smaller. AT LEAST!!!

here is Mellencamp. I'd never heard of him but he can rock the stage!

picture of a very happy person

brother no eyes.



At this point of the evening cowboy dave was no more. He had passed out from shock, joy, amazement, giddyness and a whole other bunch of happy emotions.
It was a great night!

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