04 August, 2009

Trinity Softball! Blue vs Red

This year Justin signed up for the church softball league. They play every Tuesday night and all skill levels are welcome to join. Being a churchy thing the idea is to have fun and socialize rather than compete agressively (although a lot of the men wish differently!)
I got out there this past week as their game was at 7pm which gave me enough time to get home and in bed by 9:30pm! I don't really know anyone who goes to bed at 9:30pm except for some seven year olds. I just praise the Lord above for inventing Tivo.

here's our player - numero 6

here's Eliu - a sweet & lovely person but right now, the enemy

ready to make the reds cry like babies

homerun people!
here's andy - our trusty pitcher
'they're all animals these softball players!'
not really - i just wanted to shout it out as the picture says.

here's cowboy dave laughing about my shouting earlier
he's not a very good model though - wouldn't look at the camera
see, here he's thoroughly embarrassed by my antics
look at the homerun stud, just hanging out. 'this is my home!' he declares.
i hoped for some kind of numeric melody here. number 19 messed the whole thing up.
thanks for nothing 19!
cowboy dave tensely grips the fence
baby pascal volunteers for next play. he doesn't realize there is a height restriction.
sorry to squash your 18 month-old dreams.
at least he knows which end the handle is!
number 6 deeply assessing the play
baby pascal shouts advice from the sidelines
andy & j-man - the wonder team
i dare say that was a rather spiffy play! ratherrr!
till next time folks!

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