12 February, 2009

Food is where the heart is...

With Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday, it leaves us time to cook something special for our beloveds at home, rather than shelling out on a set menu in a crowded restaurant. One of my favourite food websites is the www.bbcgoodfood.com which has some fantastic traditional english recipes, as well as twists for occasions such as Valentine's Day.

For starters, how about mixing up a Raspberry Champagne cocktail and then nibbling something light, such as the Simple Seafood Platter with dill & mustard mayo (see website link below for recipes).
Follow with crisp sea bass, or for meat lovers, a perfectly cooked steak and homemade béarnaise sauce.
Then indulge in dessert, but not one that leaves you undoing your buttons for the wrong reasons - try elegant Lemon & raspberry baskets or French classic Crème brûlée. YUM!

And if romance isn’t in the air this weekend, how about spending the evening with fellow singleton Bridget Jones and a few of your mates, tucking into a messy Mexican – they’ll forgive a bit of salsa on your chin. :-)


Did you know....?

Oysters are meant to be the ultimate aphrodisiac along with a gorgeously gooey chocolate pud following close behind. But what about sneaking some less celebrated aphrodisiac ingredients, such as fennel, ginger, horseradish or chilli into your seductive supper? Chickpeas too are apparently a powerful aphrodisiac for men. Houmous anyone?

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