12 February, 2009

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It’s February, so you know what that means. No, not chocolate candies, roses and other Valentine’s gifts. It’s Heart Health Month!

Heart Health Month isn’t celebrated as much as Valentine’s Day, but it certainly should be. Regardless of race or sex, cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, are our nation’s number one killer.

Top 5 Ways to a Healthier Heart

1. Follow a Heart Healthy Diet
Limit intake of trans fats and hydrogenated oils.
Limit refined sugar.
Add Omega-3’s to your diet. They’re clinically proven to improve heart rhythm, promote healthy circulation and improve overall function of the heart muscle.

2. Exercise Regularly
Get your heart pumping and try to exercise 3-4 times per week, for at least a half hour at a time.

3. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle - In addition to following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, you should also try to do the following:
Stop smoking and avoid second hand smoke.
Limit your intake of alcohol - excessive alcohol can deplete your body's supply of vitamins and other nutrients.
Try to reduce stress and anxiety - they can lead to high blood pressure and other health conditions.
Keep your weight within recommended limits - obesity is a leading cause of heart disease.

Who says resolutions have to be made in January?! Even if you make one change this month to your lifestyle from the list above, it will make a big difference to your overall heart health in 2009 and the years beyond. :-)

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