21 February, 2009

Trip to Watercolour, Florida!

We got invited by our great friends, Annie & Brenton, to go for the weekend down to Watercolour Florida over Valentine's. Their friends in Atlanta own this beautiful home which is located in the town right next door to Seaside town, set of The Truman Show.

As it was a long weekend we got to stay 3 nights which was bliss! Having that extra day really helps the body relax fully. I say that 3 day weekends should be instated!!

In Watercolour you can bike ride everywhere - to the beach, Publix, restaurants, shops, so it's a really active community. It was a small taste of life in England where you don't have to rely on cars nearly as much as out here.

We were the biker gang taking over and taking names. :-)

As it was Valentine's Day on Saturday we all planned to do something special. The girls got up and cooked a yummy breakfast (if I do say so myself :-P) and then the gents went out and got flowers and ingredients for our evening dinner. It was all so romantical & lovely!

What better way to spend Valentine's than with the ones you love eating all day long! NOM NOM NOM!

We had some time getting out and about and pretty much just being silly. We played on the beach with Lulu (A&B's almost-grown-up-puppy) and then took a bunch of really silly pictures mainly because we had 3 photographers in our party.

So all in all it was a wonderful time. I'm still wishing to be back riding my bike and soaking in the hot tub!

Thanks Annie & B for making it such a fun weekend. We love you guys!


  1. YESSS!!!! I love that you started a blog!! I can't wait to read what you post next. I am so behind on my blog reading but had to comment on your new blog! Hopefully soon I will get around to posting some more myself as well. XOXO

  2. Candace and I met in Sandestin, just down the beach and we LOVE that area! Did you drive down to Alys or Rosemaray Beach communities? Those are cool eye candy spots, too. Did you eat at Red Bar in Grayton Beach? So many fun things to do down there... looks like you had a great time...!

  3. I was so excited when i found your blog!! Yeah! Welcome to the blogging world, it's so much fun. Hope you guys are doing well. It looks like you had a lovely, romantic weekend.

  4. I just found all your comments! Still not completely acquainted with the 'blogging' world. Oh you cool people you.

    Jamie: YAY!!! The more posts of your family the better. That precious baby sends us to mush all the time! Love to you, Andrew & Audra xxx

    Stuart: We didn't drive down that way as we were overtaken with the responsibility of being the biker gang of Watercolour. Is Rosemary Beach where Rosemary birthed her baby, thus the scary movie was born?! Red Bar sounds Delectable (with a capital 'D'), so we'll definitely try it out next time we go. Maybe we could all go together. There's something to look forward to! Peace to you friend. Still got your name on the fridge. :-)

    Alissa: YAY!!! Your baby is ridiculously cute. She melts Justin's heart everytime you post pictures. He always asks if I've seen them yet! Blogging IS fun! Love to you & Kyle and baby Katelyn xxxx