24 February, 2009


Hey all!

In an attempt to be a good steward of our money, I researched a few programs where I could really knuckle down and see what the J-Man and I were spending each month. The one I came across that was the most highly recommended was http://www.mint.com/. It has been named the best online personal finance tool by Money Magazine, PC Magazine, and is PC World’s Editor’s Choice.

You can add in as many checking accounts, savings accounts, loans (car, mortgage, school), investments (401K, college funds) you have by entering your login details for each account. Mint.com then syncs up with these websites and the information is now all in one place. It is far more efficient and time saving than going to each website, logging in and checking, logging out, going to next website...etc.

You can also enter any assets you have like jewellry or vehicles or maybe that flashy boat you have parked in the driveway. Mint.com then adds up all these items and cross-checks them with your loans to come to your current net worth. It's rather interesting and could be a nice surprise!

One disadvantage to the application is that it is web-based so all your information is out there on the web - even if it is a secure one. However, Mint.com uses bank-level data security verified by Verisign and TrustE which means you’re anonymous; you don’t share your name, address, social security number or account numbers. You can save money (through their suggestions and ideas) — but you can’t transfer money.

Before Mint.com I was checking about five different accounts online. Now I go to only one. To make it even sweeter, they have an iPhone application which is also in line with the money-saving efforts as it's free. So now I can check my balances anytime, anywhere.

Take a moment to get acquainted and over time you might find it's your very own bail-out plan!


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